Angular flavors — A quick compilation

It has been sometime now, that the UI community is seeing an ever expanding growth related to Open source frameworks right from the days of Javascript till the current trending Angular \ React \ Vue to name a few. In this article, we can see the journey of Angular versions, by listing the features included across each of them. Let the travel begin :)

Angular Js or 1

There isn’t any initial version, as the objective was to rewrite the widely used AngularJS 1.X version, into a well-formed\knitted, structured layout, object oriented programming language and still staying loosely coupled.

Angular 2, Complete rewrite

  1. Completely rewritten using TypeScript, the Superscript of JavaScript. ES5, ES6, TypeScript, Dart are the scripting choices that can be used to code.

Angular 3

“Skipped for Uniformity”, across its modules like Core, Compiler, CLI, HTTP, router etc. From here on, only SINGLE version release for all modules across Angular stack.

Angular 4, Big Leap with CLI

  1. Faster Compilation, generated code size reduced by 60%.

Angular 5

  1. Build Optimizer, PROD builds by default.

New Router Lifecycle events — GuardsCheckStart\End, ChildActivationStart\End, ActivationStart\End, ResolveStart\End.

Angular 6

  1. Includes Angular CLI 6, Material 6. Starting from this version angular team has synchronized the framework packages (@angular/core, @angular/common, @angular/compiler, etc), the Angular CLI, and Angular Material + CDK to version 6.0.0.

Angular 7

  1. synced Angular CLI 7, Material 7

Angular 8

  1. synced Angular CLI 8, Material 8

Angular 9

  1. synced CLI \ Material 9
  • platform: Specifying providedIn: ‘platform’ makes the service available in a special singleton platform injector that is shared by all applications on the page.

5. Component Harness

6. Typescript 3.7

7. Angular Material new components → Youtube player, google maps.

Angular 10

  1. synced CLI \ Material 10

Angular 11

  1. Enhanced Reporting and Logging

Angular 12 — Ivy Everywhere

  1. Deprecated View Engine, shall be removed in future major release.
  • Angular CDK and Angular Material has internally adopted to the new SASS module system, update the npm package accordingly (node-sass to sass). This also expose new Sass API surface, with @use syntax. The ng update takes care of these new API @import to @use change.

7. Deprecating support for IE11

8. Other features

  • ng build now defaults to Production, prevents any accidental deployment.

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